The IEEE Telepresence Committee has put together the following lists of resources for learning more about the topic of telepresence and telepresence technologies.


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2022 IEEE Future Directions Symposium on Telepresence

2022 IEEE Future Directions Symposium on Telepresence9-10 November 2022 | Virtual Event

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2021 IEEE Future Directions Workshop: The Future of Telepresence

ieee telepresence small11-3 November 2021 | Virtual Event

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The IEEE Future of Telepresence workshop is an opportunity to look at the big picture and seek understanding of the details of addressing a long-held goal of technical communities: to permit human beings to bring their talent, skill, and expertise to bear on complex problems from a distance.


The workshop sets its focus on teleoperations and important functional considerations like sensor selection, sensitivity, and fidelity, or fixed vs. mobile systems. Overall, this effort aims to accelerate the missing technology components and encourage integrated telepresence systems.


Books on Telepresence


2020-Non-Fiction: Hava Aldouby (ed.) Shifting Interfaces
An Anthology of Presence, Empathy, and Agency in 21st-Century Media Arts

2017- Non-fiction: Here/There Telepresence, Touch, and Art at the Interface

2014-Non-fiction, Susumu Tach, Telexistence

2010-Non-fiction,Chreyl Bracken; Paul Skalski (eds.),Immersed in Media
Telepresense BioArt
2005-Non-fiction, Eduardo Kac,Telepresence & Bio Art





1999-Non-Fiction,  P.J. Sheppard; G.R. Walker (eds.)Telepresence

1992-Non-Fiction, Thomas B.Sheridan,Telerobotics, Automation,and Human Supervisory Control

1969-Science-Fiction,Fred Saberhagen, Brother Assassin

1942-Science-Fiction, Robert A. Heinlein Waldo
Telepresense ActualandVertual BookCover
Telepresence: Actual and Virtual: Promises and Perils of Converging New Realities



Telepresence Journals


IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics







Telepresence Articles


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