2022 IEEE Future Directions Symposium on Telepresence

09-10 November 2022

Decades after it was first used to control operations in hazardous environments and in space, telerobotics, combined with autonomy, is getting ready to significantly impact our lives in major ways. In 1980, MIT Professor and AI pioneer, Marvin Minsky’s words predicted a revolutionary change: “Telepresence is not science fiction. We could have a remote-controlled economy by the twenty-first century if we start planning right now”. While the progression was slower, several recent events, in particular the global pandemic, provided a boost to the ‘tele’ revolution.

From tele-health to tele-education and teleoperation products and applications that will irreversibly change how we work and live, telepresence will have a major impact on quality of life.

After a successful workshop in 2021, IEEE Future Directions Committee organized a Symposium on Telepresence to facilitate research and developments for 09-10 November 2022.


On-Demand Videos

The 2022 IEEE Future Directions Telepresence Symposium sessions were recorded and are now available on-demand. Each session has been divided into separate videos for each speaker. Browse presentation list below and click on session titles to view the videos.


Session List




D1A1: TeleEducation Carla Ramírez Carla Ramírez Introduction to TeleEducation
    Adrian Adascalitei Implementation of Blended Teaching and Learning, including Online Laboratories
    Lorenza Abbate Telepresence Robots for Educational Settings: a Model to Support Virtual Inclusion
    Agustín Barrera Augmented Reality in Education
    Susana Catalina Peña Parás Tech Week at Hall Immersive Room
    Antonio Negrete Juárez Academic Experiences in the Metaverse of the Tec Virtual Campus
    Carla Ramírez Reflections for the Future in Tele-education
D1A2: Telepresence Technologies
and Applications
Nikhil Deshpande, Gunter Nimeyer    
    Carlos Vallespi-Gonzalez The Challenge of Telepresence
    Jeffrey Delmerico Spatial Intelligence and the Industrial Metaverse
    Carolina Cruz-Neira XR Interfaces for Telepresence
D1B1: Ethics, Privacy and Security Thomas Sheridan    
    Peter Hancock A Conversation on Human Factors
    Allisa Dalpei Connecting Sea and Shore: Development of a Teleoperation Framework for Deep Sea Vehicles
    Woodrow Barfield Musings on Law and Telepresence
    Marc Rotenberg  AI/Digital Policy
    Thomas Sheridan Telepresence: Actual and Virtual – Are we ready for the metaverse?
D1B2: Human Experience and
Data Analytics. Entrepreneurship
Societal Impacts 
Adrian Stoica    
    Jeff Linnell Formant
    Yaoping Hu XR Platform for Interactive Analytics of Complex Data
    Tom Gedeon Immersive Teleconferencing via Responsive AI
    Maria Palombini: Transforming the Telehealth Paradigm: Connectivity, Accessibility, Security, and Privacy for All
    Tamás Heidegger: Long Distance Tele-surgery: Are We There Yet?
    Tariq Rahim Soomo Developing Countries Perspectives
D2A: Roadmap towards a
Telepresence Society 
Jan van Erp    
D2B1: Telehealth and Telemedicine Farokh Atashzar Roozbeh Jafari Digital Medicine for Cardiovascular Health
    Paolo Bonato Using Digital Health Technology to Enable Tele-Rehabilitation Interventions
    Sujit Dey Personalized and Precise mHealth Care Using Existing Devices and AI
D2B2: ANA Avatar XPRIZE David Locke David Locke ANA Avatar XPRIZE: Overview & Finals Recap
    Colin Peartree Winning Team Technology & Panel
    Jacki Morie The Judge Experience Panel


General Chairs: Jan van Erp and Saeid Nahavandi, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Program Chair: Adrian Stoica, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Gunter Niemeyer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.